It may surprise you to know that many people did not like King David. And often it was nothing he did but rather a product of his circumstances.

King Saul hated David while he was still a poor shepherd because God anointed David to be the next king. David didn’t ask to be king.

The Philistines despised David because he was a powerful warrior. David was only following God’s instructions into battle.

His wife, Michal, felt contempt for him because he danced before the Lord in praise as the Ark of the Lord was returned to its righteous place. David was only responding to the joy he felt.

Nathan chastised David for committing adultery and murder…Ok, that one was on David’s head.

But the Bible tells us that David was envied, mocked, mistreated, and misunderstood plenty. Many of the Psalms he wrote tell of his anguish, his fear, and his frustration with the people and the situations around him. He was hunted by Saul like a dog and there was a price on his head. David lived on the run and in fear for many years.

In 1 Samuel 29-30 we find yet another moment in which David was afraid for his life because of a situation over which he had no control.

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