I am convinced that my son, Noah, is allergic to Mondays.

There is something about a Monday that brings the worst in the kid. His evil twin, who crouches in dark corners all weekend, comes out angry and biting first thing Monday morning, at the exact moment I place an open textbook in front of him. My normally compliant, sweet boy turns into a stubborn, fit-pitching, foaming out of the mouth, head-spinning, spawn of Satan.


Last Sunday I noticed he had a rash on his neck that looked conspicuously like an allergic reaction. He is not allergic to anything we know of so I figured he had been in contact with some plant that caused the response. I gave him Benadryl and sent him to bed. The next day, a Monday, he had a wonderful day. Worked hard at school, finished ahead of the clock, and had a great attitude all.day.long.

Boy had been listening to my whining to his dad about the horrible experiences we generally have at the beginning of each week and my theory about his Monday allergy. He was sure the Benadryl had helped him with his allergy to Mondays so now he wants me to give him Benadryl every Sunday night.

Bless his little soul.


But he may be onto something…I think I will mix a batch of water with red food coloring, pour it into an empty medicine bottle and fool him with the placebo effect.

Evil twin may just run in the family.

But we’ll just call it finding some peace of mind…